Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here I am up in Indiana at my Dad's house just sitting with my brother watching a live concert. Oh...if you haven't caught on...yes, my parents are divorced. So I do know how you feel for those of you who come from broken homes. I am sitting here watching this concert and it's sparked me to write about what God had taught me in my life about the trials He has held my hand through.
I would just like to help those of you with some thoughts for those who are broken and are in pain from this very same tragedy.
You see, I was at the mindset where I would think/tell myself, "That would never happen to my family." A few years later, I heard those exact words that I thought I would never hear come from my Mother's voice, "Ollie, your Father doesn't Love me anymore..." When I heard those words I didn't know what to say? The one thing I remember doing is going into my room shutting the door and listening to Jeremy Camp "I Still Believe".
Guys, I was mad...I didn't know why God was allowing this to be happening to me? I was doing everything I could to be serving Him. I was heading to the mission field to travel with a music ministry team, I was in the word, having a relationship with God, as well as being a leader in my Youth Group. I had it going on! Why this!?
Well God quickly reminded me that it's not about what were doing, where were going, or where we want to be,'s a matter of Worshiping Him! He has created us to walk this earth in worship to Him! No matter if you are at a Christian College, in a Youth Group, Sunday School Teacher, Pastor, Missionary, this will all pass away...The only thing that will remain forever is our Worship to God!
God has taught me a lot through the divorce of my family. One of the biggest things I share with others is that I can see red flags that may result in divorce. If I could change or do something different to bring my family back together, I would have told my parents to spend more times with each other and me not be so selfish of my time with them. Another thing God has taught me out of this is that of being the best father to my kids and greatest husband any woman could ever dream of being with. I love being with kids, but most of all I can't wait to be with my wife.
God has given me several opportunities to share these things with others who may be struggling with this. (kids, teens, and yes parents too) I have been so Blessed to know that I have a God in my life who wants to have a relationship with me. Who knows my thoughts, pain, and struggles. All I have to do is turn to Him. He wants His children to trust Him. I struggled with that when He broke my family. As He broke my family growing up, He also made me the man I am today. As I have been sitting here watching this concert, I was reminded that I believe ALWAYS, our Savior NEVER FAILS! For those of you whose hope is lost, and are ready to throw the towel in, this includes even you parents who don't think you can do it anymore, or kids who don't know what to do, God knows our pain and He WILL be with you ALWAYS!
We're all are struggling with something right now. Money, family, work, relationships, school. Just remeber God doesn't fail or make mistakes! I was just wanting to share with you all what God has laid on my heart tonight in speaking to me through this concert.

Keep Smiling,
Pr. 16:3

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  1. I heard "when no one else knows" by Building 429 the other day and it reminded me of you because of how much you used to play and sing that song when the court dates were getting changed around and stuff. Thanks for being open and letting God take what you've been through and use it for his purposes. This was an encouragement for me to read.